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Yang, 38, who has lived in the United States since 2013, has performed pipa with orchestras and in chamber settings around the country and has played a role in Yo-Yo Ma’s esteemed Silkroad ensemble. In addition to “Four Inscapes,” she also will perform “Ambush From All Sides,” which she called a “masterpiece and the most popular pipa solo in Chinese classical music.”

“It depicts the glorious victory of Liubang in the decisive battle in 202 B.C. at Gaixia between the two armies of Chu and Han,” said Yang, who lives in Pittsburgh. “A wide variety of performance techniques of pipa are brought into full play in this piece that produce a majestic and passionate narrative, which is sharp in artistic image, exalting in melody and ultimately thrilling. The difficulty of the piece ensures that it is normally played by virtuosos.”

Join us for an evening of world music with a cross-border concert featuring pipa virtuoso Yang Jin!
February 5, 2020

This program will feature extremely talented and passionate musicians from all over the world. Together they will explore the relationship between East and West through creativity and virtuosity. The program will feature songs spanning traditional music, world music, classical music & modern music combining Chinese, Middle Eastern, South American & other regional elements.

Yang Jin is a pipa performer based here in Pittsburgh. She has performed with ensembles like the Silk Road Ensemble and Afro Yaqui, and she recently created her new initiative, Yang Jin and Friends. Reputed as the leading pipa soloist of her generation, Yang Jin tells us more about the instrument, her upcoming performances, and her recent collaborations -- and she even plays some music for us. Hear it all on our new Voice of the Arts podcast!

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